Your peaceful leisure time is our priority
PLEASE FAMILIARISE YOURSELF WITH OUR TERMS & CONDITIONS WHICH ARE INTENDED FOR ALL STATIC HOLIDAY HOME OWNERS AND Their GUESTS.  It is your responsibility to re-appraise yourself with these terms at the start of every season.

Static caravans can be used from March 1st until January 2nd inclusive.   We are totally closed from January 3rd until March 1st but we can still arrange viewings and reply to enquiries during shut-down.

 General Rules of Doldowlod caravan park For owners & Guests.

Doldowlod endeavours to keep a safe, clean and happy park by asking everyone to follow some simple rules.

  • Please be respectful and courteous to site staff and other site users.
  • Keep the park tidy and dispose of rubbish & re-cycling properly.
  • Children on site are there at their parents risk. Children should be supervised and answerable to  their parents/guardians at all times.
  • The maximum speed limit is 5 miles per hour (this is a brisk walking pace and requires the car to be driven in first gear).
  • No commercial vehicles without prior agreement.
  • Please Do not walk between vans and respect your neighbours privicy by not lingering directly in  front of their holiday home.

This is a quiet park and is not suitable as a party venue.  Noise nuisance from any source will be dealt with by the management. Enjoy your peaceful stay.

Site Security

Owners and their guests are responsible for the security of their own accommodation, vehicles and property: all valuables must be kept safe by the owner at all times.  Static owners may allow friends and family to use their caravan but please let the wardens or site owners know who is coming. We do not permit owners to hire out their holiday home on a commercial basis. It is the responsibility of the caravan owner to ensure that their guests comply with the park code of conduct and especially to draw their attention to the 5 mile per hour speed limit.

Park License

This is not a residential park and is licensed for holiday use only.  We are open for 10 months and are closed for 8 weeks at the end of the season.


Your utilities are provided by Doldowlod Caravan Park.

Community Charge............ included in ground rent

Water................................. included in ground rent

Calor Gas.....................piped to your holiday home, metered and billed.

 Electricity........................metered and billed.


Postal Services

Deliveries of items required for your static caravan can be accepted at the office but please liaise with the wardens to ensure that someone will be there to sign for your item.  Please do not use the park address as your permanent or temporary postal address.

Safety & Insurance

Static holiday home owners are responsible for arranging an annual gas check (with safety certificate) and must take out adequate insurance for their caravan. 

Appearence of van & Plot

Static caravans must have an annual exterior clean to keep up the overall smart appearance of the park. Please ask the wardens if you would like advise or to book an exterior clean or if you would like them to recommend a local gas fitter, electrician or TV aerial engineer. As per Park Fire Safety (see the  information page) please do not store flammable items under your caravan/balcony.

Please note that all changes to your static caravan plot must be agreed by Jeff James.  Only low lighting is permitted in outside areas: this is a "dark sky" area and this is a term of our planning consent.  Colourful and flashing lights are not acceptable.  If in doubt please check with Jeff prior to installing exterior lights.  Please turn off exterior lights when you go to bed or when you leave the park so that they do not cause a nuisance to your neighbours.

BBQ's are permitted provided that they are raised off the ground: outside firepits are not permitted on static caravan pitches.

Winter Drain Down

We strongly recommend that you have your static holiday home drained down at the onset of winter to prevent pipes from freezing. Damage due to burst pipes and subsequent plumbing bills is your responsibility.  Roger does offer a full drain down guaranteed service.  Please speak with him to  enquire about price or to request a drain down. Your services can be re-connected prior to your arrival provided that you let Roger know a few days in advance. The decision of when to switch on the water supply is the responsibility of the holiday home owner and the park is not liable for water damages due to frozen pipes once the supply is re-connected at the owners request.  Please note that the park owner is only accountable for frost damage to statics which have been drained down by him prior to any hard frosts occurring: you are responsible for repairs in all other circumstances.

 Frosts: This is an upland area and over-night frosts can start by late October and persist well into May, please remember to turn off your water supply when you leave the park & at night if you are staying in your holiday home when a frost is forecast.  Most holiday home insurance policies require this and usually exclude damages due to burst pipes when the water supply is left on.

Cars onsite

Owners park at their own risk.

No commercial vehicles are allowed without explicit permission from the site owners.

Parking on the road through the park is strictly prohibiteded.

If you have visitors and you cannot fit their car on your pitch, please do not park on other peoples pitches or in front of other caravans but instead call the wardens on 07977784316 and ask us where additional cars can be parked.

Other than in exceptional circumstances, please do not drive through the park between the hours of 11.30pm and 7am.  If you know that you need to use your car late at night or unsociably early in the morning, please consider others and leave it in the car park by receptrion.


We welcome well behaved dogs. For everyone's enjoyment we ask you to observe the following:
1. Dogs must be on a short lead at all times whilst on the park.  Please do not allow your pets onto the private areas around each static caravan without the owners express invitation. 
2. We ask you to clean up after your pet immediately (including on the river-walk).
3. Please do not leave your dog alone in your car or accommodation.
4. Please do not leave your dog tied up outside your car or accommodation.

A key to your caravan must be provided to the park office and reasonable access given for repairs and emergencies.


Thank You for taking the time to familiarise yourself with our terms